In order to carry out technical calculations, planning, design and commissioning, we have our own team of technical experts with many years of experience.

Necessary drawings are made according to the CAD system and submitted to the customer’s approval.

Supervised installation and installation are performed by our special personnel (who have received many years’ training and are provided by our partner company MAVIM ANLAGENMONTAGEN) or by the installation team permanently located in Russia.

Our own brewer together with the brewer of the customer performs trial brews at the customer’s production facilities and is at the customer’s disposal on matters of all necessary works for manufacture optimization, beer quality coordination, and selection of raw materials and recipes during the whole term of the contract.

MAVIM BRAUANLAGEN offers their own recipes, according to which top and bottom fermentation beer grades can be produced at our breweries in accordance with the customer’s wishes. Thus, the taste characteristics of beer are coordinated individually with the customer in such a manner that the customer could eventually enjoy the taste it needs.

Almost in every country to which MAVIM BRAUANLAGEN supplied their brewing equipment we can offer the training for the customer’s brewer. If the customer wants, we can also organize the personnel training in Austria, at one of the breweries supplied by MAVIM BRAUANLAGEN.